Environment Fair & Melas – Soltech participations

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Eco Fairs

In the last few years we have participated in many “Environment Fairs” and “Energy Conservation Day” programs. Here is a small list of some of the occasions where we participated.




  1. Gramin Mela 2011 at Sarbariye (24 Pgs N) 06-Feb-2011 to 13-Feb-2011
  2. 13th National Expo at Kachari Maidan, Barasat, Kolkata – 124 02-Sep-2009 to 06-Sep-2009
  3. Jatiya Sanhati Utsab at Canning (24 Pgs S) 08-Dec-2009 to 17-Dec-2009
  4. Vidyasagar Mela at Milan Mela (EM ByPass Kolkata) 20-Dec-2007 to 02-Jan-2008
  5. Sunderban Yuba Mela at Taldi 22-Dec-2007 to 31-Dec-2007

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